Fishing Charters From Cairns

Cairns is most often our staging point for our fishing charters service expedition styled fishing adventures into the far northern sector of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. While we are capable of departure from other ports in the region such as Cooktown, Port Douglas and Lizard Island in most cases Cairns is utilised as the pick-up and set down point due to its ease of access by air, sea and land.

Cairns has many charter fishing operators conducting day trips and shorter termed local charters from its port. If this is the style of fishing charter you envisage then you will easily find a local operator to service your needs. We on the other hand want to take you as far away as time permits to truly experience the unique and productive fishing grounds of Far North Queensland (FNQ).

Fishing charters departing from Cairns are mostly conducted over 7 days due to the distance we travel as we venture north. Fishing charters depart from Cairns mid-afternoon allowing us to steam overnight and have you fishing to the north of lizard Island first thing in the morning. From here we fish our way north exploring shoals and reefs as your immersed in the ultimate fishing adventure.

Now for the fishing…

Being the world’s largest reef system, stretching for over 2,600 kilometres, the Great Barrier Reef yields some of the best fishing in the world. More pointedly, the fishing in FNQ waters is the best of the best! Somewhat obviously, as we move into the tropical reef waters of the Far North and away from civilization and accessibility of some of the southern Queensland regions, we enter a largely untouched ocean wilderness with some all-mighty fish to be fought!

What’s different up here is the average size of fish taken – Coral Trout are prolific on the Great Barrier Reef and one of the most sought after table fish around the world from the region is a common occurrence and we release trout exceeding their maximum size limit to enable them to reproduce and ensure the long-term sustainability of reef fishing.

Cobia, Red Emperor, Nannygai and Spangled Emperor are all still in the mix and with that extra bit of quality attached. We also see an increased prevalence of certain species like Long nose emperor and Jobe fishes as well as those on the “No Take” list such as Maori wrasse, Red Bass and Barramundi cod.

Other species that begin to show up are the Maori Sea Perch; Blue Maori Cod and Yellow spotted Emperor as well as the Reef Jack. All these fish fiercely contest when hooked as anglers bring them to the surface and taste amazing. Noted also is the absence of the Red Throat Emperor which is so prolific in southern Reef waters as well as the common Hussar which is a baitfish.

Sport fishing species often encountered are GT’s, Spanish Mackerel, Marlin and even Tuna.. Yes! Dog tooth Tuna as well as Yellow fin and Northern Bluefin Tuna inhabit the crystal clear waters of FNQ. There is always a chance to tow a lure as we move to and from each location, as well as opportunities to cast a popper from the boat.

Our daily destinations and movements are based around:

1. catching fish,
2. calm night anchorages, and
3. time and weather constraints.

We usually begin fishing the reefs to the north of Lizard Island and work north from there. We pass Cape Melville, the Flinders group and Princess Charlotte bay (PCB) on the way to the Outer Reefs North East of PCB.

Please visit our charter information page to learn more about our services, inclusions and exclusions etc.