Mixed Group Fishing Charter


 Our FIRST Mixed Group Fishing Charter for 2018 is now open for booking !!

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We constantly receive enquiries to our business by smaller groups & individuals asking how they can join one of our amazing fishing charters and experience the destinations, service and adventure that the Elizabeth E II offers.

Traditionally it has been difficult to accommodate such requests as charter bookings are generally made by way of larger groups and corporate clients who book out the whole vessel privately however with such an overwhelming flood of enquiries we have decided to introduce some Company Hosted Charters into our schedule as a way to serve all those who want the chance to fish the Great Barrier Reef while indulging in some live-aboard charter fishing comforts.

For anyone who is interested in joining this charter or future charters like it we urge you to register your interest on our web site.  This will allow us to inform you when the next opportunity is scheduled.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join us aboard the Elizabeth E II and explore the wonders and off the beaten track destination of the Great Barrier Reef.

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